N0AGI - Amateur Radio Call Sign Look Up RESTFUL API Service

Version Ver 3.4 (build 05.2018.12.28)

This page is here to serve as an admin visual and describes the current status of the service and its elements.

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How to Use the Service
Now available in these output formats:

  • Usage 1 (Formatted - default): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)
  • Usage 2 (Piped): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/p
  • Usage 3 (Piped WITH Header): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/ph
  • Usage 4 (Short): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/s
  • Usage 5 (Short WITH Header): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/sh
  • Usage 6 (extra short): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/x (akin to "s" format in Version 1.0)
  • Usage 7 (json): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/json
  • Usage 8 (table): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/t
  • Usage 9 (table simple): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/ts
  • Usage 10 (QRCode): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/q
  • Usage 11 (Callsign Card): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/c

API Call Return Codes
Return codes in response to the API calls

  • -1 : Callsign Not Found.
  • -2 : Bad Format Supplied. Ensure the supplied format conforms to the above usage guidance.
  • -3 : System Busy. In scenarios where a background / maintenance process is in progress.

Output format and Envelopes
Following section describes the envelope for each of the formatted outputs.

  • Default Format:
    • {Column-name : Column value} for each output-line<BR>

  • Piped (p), Short (s) and Extra Short (x) - without Header:
    • <CALL> {column-value} </CALL>

  • Piped (ph), Short (sh) - with Header:
    • <HEADER> {header-columns} </HEADER><CALL> {header-column-values} </CALL>

  • JSON (j):
    • Standard JSON formatted output. No additional envelope

  • Table Format (t):
    • Standard TABLE HTML block with THEAD, TBODY, TH, TR and TD tags with embedded class and id attributes. Can be useful to custom formatting to your choice.

  • Table Format Simple (ts):
    • Simple and standard TABLE HTML block with THEAD, TBODY, TH, TR and TD tags. WITHOUT embedded class and id attributes.

  • QRCode (q):
    • Generates a QRCode for the callsign and renders a simple webpage with embeded IMG tag.

  • Callsign Card (c):
    • Generates a stylized callsign card inserted with QRCode and callsign details.

Note that all formats (except for the "X") have a tail ending <TELEMETRY> envelope with crank/elapsed time stamp.

Additional Services
Used for admin purposes:

  • Information (this page): https://call3.n0agi.com/info

System Busy Status

This indicates whether the system is busy. The system is flagged as busy when the background data processing sub-system is in progress. During which time, the lookup service is momentarily suspended from service. The system will be put back on service once the background process completes.

Up since: 2019-02-18 09:59:57 Mon

The last date and time the local callsign repository was refreshed. Typically, this is scheduled to occur mid-night every day.

 Started: 2019-02-18 09:52:58 Mon   Completed: 2019-02-18 09:59:57 Mon 

The system has a simple AI sub-system that learns the most used call signs over time. The background processing system uses this intel to pre-load the repositories for faster cached performance.

Total callsigns in the History